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Synopsis of Us

Lisa is au natural. She likes to have babies at home and drink slimy green liquids with large amounts of earth in them. She loves the quacks and we love her. If you are ailing, just call Lisa. She will doctor you up!

Melanie is a little bundle of energy. She's very peppy and always bouncing around. Do not drive with her. She tends to talk and visit and not watch the road. Cuts a mean hair-do!

Sarah is crazy! She loves Diet Pepsi (too much). The group photographer with many free photo shoots for her friends. Many questionable eating habits that we all ignore, hopefully they don't kill her.

Emily is an overachiever. She never sleeps and wakes up way too early so she can pratice music with her kids. She loves the earthy green drink too. Be careful, she will try to poison you with sugar-free goodies.

Jen is a dental hygienist. If you want to know which kind of gum to chew (to xylitol or not to xylitol, this is the question) she'll know.

Lana is full of crap! Literally, her house is full of crap! Yes, just stuff. If you ever need any random thing, pretty sure it's in her house... somewhere. Very competitive, don't coach children's athletics with her.

Adria is straightforward. She pretty much says it like it is. She is our community sex-ed advisor. Any questions, just ask her, she knows it all.

Marianne (one of the tall, leggy blonds) is amazing! She graduated from college while taking care of her four children and working to save the entire Chinese orphan population.

Marilyn is a perfectionist. She has to have everything at a ninety degree angle, if not, she's nervous. Hopefully this doesn't kill her. Likes to scrapbook, spends a large sum of money on this activity.

Stephanie (another tall, leggy blond) really likes to work out. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Nursing is her profession (not wet nursing).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This pic taken YESTERDAY

OK in case you haven't had enouph (you all probably want to gag by now) but yesterday my friend went to Jonah's orphanage to pick up her new daughter Autumn and took some very precious pictures. I am just posting my favorite here in case you haven't checked my blog! I know I am a little obsessed and I love you for letting me be kind of a psycho mom , but our boy is almost home!! I MIGHT return to normal after he's home-maybe!

Also I have to say , I can't wait to introduce JOnah to all his "extraordinary Aunties"! You Rock!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

This one is for Lana

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Recipe for "Winger's Salad"

OK here it is. I am not a real freak about measuring but here are the proportions and you can make as much or as little as you want.

1-2 pounds of chicken breast cut into tenders-brown lightly then sautee them in the following sauce until cooked all the way through and the sauce is cooked down and the chicken is caramelized.


two parts brown sugar to one part Hot Sauce (I like the Western Family "louisiana Hot Sauce") You can get it at Stokes near the catsup and pickles. A big bottle is only 1.29!! Last time I made it I put about 1 1/2 cups brown sugar and about 1 cup of hot sauce, but I like it spicy. If you like it sweeter put more sugar. Pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes and stir. The sugar will be dissolved. Pour 3/4th of this mixture over the chicken in a fry pan and simmer until the chicken is nice and gooey! Take the rest of the sauce and make your dressing.

Remaining sauce mix (hot out of the microwave)
about a half a bottle of light Ranch to taste
Stir well

half romain and half spinach-as much as you want
grated cheddar/jack cheese to taste
a cup of craisins
diced cilantro (I like about 1/2 a bunch)
chicken on top

Just assemble as such-
cilantro sprinkled on top
Serve dressing on the side so it doesn't get soggy

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

Happy Birthday
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Extraordinary Housewife

I just wanted to let everyone know that one of our friends did an extraordinary thing yesterday! LANA did an amazing thing for her neighbor, and this blog is about us being extraordinary, and I thought I would share (her proud husband let me in on it). Lana's poor neighbor who is about 78 years old went outside to dump some garbage, the lid flew up in the wind and hit her in the face knocking her to the ground. Lana's son went to tell her that the neighbor was on the ground probably picking up some garbage and wondered if he should go help her. Lana went ouside and realized she was not on the ground picking up garbage, but had indeed fallen. Our little 50 pound Lana picked this lady up and carried her into the house and laid her down, then called her husband, and they drove her to the hospital together. Lana sat at the E.R. with her ALL day long until she had to leave to her baseball game (which she coaches). The neighbor is gonna be alright, she had surgery last night on her broken hip, and I am sure Lana will be there to help with the recovery. Way to go Lana!! Truly an Extraordinary Housewife:)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have "TA"

What the heck is TA??? It is Travel Approval from China! It's the golden ticket saying "come get your child." So, we will hopefully be heading out first week in July. If we get the Consulate date we requested we will leave in like 3 weeks!!! Go check out my Jonah blog for more info! Jonah, Momma's coming hunny !!!! :) Yes, I have been skipping around all day!

Hey - It's Emily's B-Day Saturday. I feel a girls night coming on!!! What do you think??


PS- this is a picture of Me and the babies celebrating the day on Jonah's bed....... soon he will be kicking them out of it! Hee Hee!!! It was so funny because Mia was so happy she broke out into song........ she sang Jonah " Tingle Bells." (she belts out Christmas songs when she's really pumped about something) Silly, silly girl!