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Synopsis of Us

Lisa is au natural. She likes to have babies at home and drink slimy green liquids with large amounts of earth in them. She loves the quacks and we love her. If you are ailing, just call Lisa. She will doctor you up!

Melanie is a little bundle of energy. She's very peppy and always bouncing around. Do not drive with her. She tends to talk and visit and not watch the road. Cuts a mean hair-do!

Sarah is crazy! She loves Diet Pepsi (too much). The group photographer with many free photo shoots for her friends. Many questionable eating habits that we all ignore, hopefully they don't kill her.

Emily is an overachiever. She never sleeps and wakes up way too early so she can pratice music with her kids. She loves the earthy green drink too. Be careful, she will try to poison you with sugar-free goodies.

Jen is a dental hygienist. If you want to know which kind of gum to chew (to xylitol or not to xylitol, this is the question) she'll know.

Lana is full of crap! Literally, her house is full of crap! Yes, just stuff. If you ever need any random thing, pretty sure it's in her house... somewhere. Very competitive, don't coach children's athletics with her.

Adria is straightforward. She pretty much says it like it is. She is our community sex-ed advisor. Any questions, just ask her, she knows it all.

Marianne (one of the tall, leggy blonds) is amazing! She graduated from college while taking care of her four children and working to save the entire Chinese orphan population.

Marilyn is a perfectionist. She has to have everything at a ninety degree angle, if not, she's nervous. Hopefully this doesn't kill her. Likes to scrapbook, spends a large sum of money on this activity.

Stephanie (another tall, leggy blond) really likes to work out. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Nursing is her profession (not wet nursing).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What can we do?

Friday is the big day. The day when Emma gets a bone marrow transplant, thanks to her little brother Ty.

Ty is a hero. The one who will save Emma's life. But in order to do so, he will undergo a surgery where they drill into his bone and draw out the marrow. He will be great, and Emma will get better!

I know the Gibbons family is probably in your thoughts and prayers, as they are in ours. And many of us wish there was something more we could do. But there is something we can do. We would like to invite anyone who wishes to do so to join with us in fasting for Emma and Ty this Friday (or Thursday). The surgery will most likely take place Friday morning.

Together we can be a mighty force for good! Keep praying. I know they feel your love and support!

Monday, February 23, 2009

T Minus 4

Today is Monday and we have been here for almost a week. It seems like much, much longer, however we are super excited for the week coming up.

Emma finished 3 days and six treatments of radiation. I'll post the pics later. It looked barbaric, but she was a trooper and did them all without complaining. She watched movies while she was getting zapped (Bugs Life, Pocohantas and Wizard of Oz) and she smelled like she had done some intense tanning under some super strong bulbs when she was finished.

She's now getting some chemo that drips into her for four hours each day. The chemo wants to escape from her skin so she has to take three baths a day and wipe off the outer layer of her skin so it doesn't get rashes or infection. After each bath, her bed linens have to be changed and she can't put on the same clothes without them being washed. We're going through lots of towels and sheets, but I think she enjoys soaking in the tub.

Everything is going according to schedule and so tomorrow and Wednesday we will have more chemo with Thursday as a break. Ty and Jeff will be coming down on Thursday afternoon to have Ty's "stuff" done on Friday (the big Bone Marrow Transplant Birthday). I'm sure everything will be fine, but I can't help thinking of Ty in the operating room. He is so one of my favorite children, and I really don't want him to have to go through this. I'll try not to think about it or I'm afraid I might have to be medicated myself.

I'll take Ty home and stay for the weekend. I can't wait! Heidi, my sister in law will be at my home this week playing mom to my children. Unfortunately all of these substitute moms are spoiling my children, and I'm pretty sure they won't want the real one back. They actually cook and clean like a bonafide mom should do.

Emma feels good so I feel good. Thanks for all of your prayers. Keep them coming, especially on Friday.


Ps. Guess who's sleepin' in Room 4421?

update on darling girl

The little girl I spoke of earlier has 3 families fighting for her! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

T minus 9

There are 9 days before Emma gets her bone marrow transplant. They call this day (2/18) day -9. She will have "minus" days until transplant day which is day zero and then we start counting into the positive.

Today she had surgery to replace her port-a-cath to a broviac catheter. This catheter is a triple lumen which means she has three different intakes/outtakes to her body. The port had only one which is not enough for the doctors to push everything through for the transplant. The pros of this type of cath is that they can get so much in, the cons are that it hangs out of the skin which is kind of gicky and makes her more susceptible to getting infection. Also, the catheter is about the circumference of a pen and the doctor described it as "putting in a garden hose."

I was super nervous about the surgery this morning. You know when you tell yourself not to worry, everything will be fine and there's nothing you can do about it anyway... but your body and mind take over and you just panic. The hardest part about this is not letting Emma see me panic. My cousin Angie came to the hospital to be with me. It was a great diversion. She's funny, witty and good for some uplifting conversation. The surgery took about an hour which doesn't seem that long, but is plenty of time to think about too many awful things. Angie and I had cheesecake (always a good thing) and passed the time.

The surgery went fine. She is pretty dopey and watching Cheetah Girls 2 (nightmare). My sister-in-law, Becky, is at my house and Jeff said she's wonderful. She has organized my storage room (Holy Crap - can you all applaud?) and has loved on the babies, of this I'm sure.

I'm so grateful for friends, family and the help, love and support we receive from all. We couldn't do this alone, thus the reason our Heavenly Father blesses us through all of you.

Thank you.


Monday, February 16, 2009

And They're Off

Well Emma and I are off to the great Salt Lake City, Utah (doesn't she look so excited to be going?). I really do love Primary Children's. They do their best to make things comfortable, but it's not an easy thing to do.

I have shopped around (lots of spare time) and have found the two best rooms on ICS (immunocompromised services) which is where we will be living for approximately 6 weeks.
And the winners are... Room 4404 and Room 4421. Both of these rooms have a couch (faux leather of course) which is better than a chair that folds out into a cot (besides I like the retro yellow color). I have great hopes that I will get one of these rooms as I have kissed so many charge nurses' fannies that I'm planning on getting whatever I want. It is my talent you know.

So... we have more of this...

and this... (the glow sticks were a big hit)

and less of this...

and this...

Please wish us lots of luck and offer many prayers. We need them so desperately.

Emma's class has sent her many cards and well wishes and this is one that has stuck in my mind. We are headed into a very dark time, but there will be light again.

I'll keep you posted.


Jen? Baby News?

Ok Jen, seriously, do we have to have an announcement party for real? I know you know what your having? We can have a Lana Luncheon this week sometime and you can bring your sealed envelope and reveal it at lunch. What day works for you? Lets have a coming out party!:) -Sarah

Friday, February 6, 2009

Beautiful Kids

Yes I love to brag, and usually it is about how gorgeous my kids are. This time I couldn't resist, these kids are so dang adorable, and that baby- I could just keep her :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My New Zip Code 83411

Mount Timpanogos Courtesy cjane

Emma and I are still here in Utah. You know it was never my goal to live in Utah. Being born and raised in Idaho required you to have a small disdain for the Wasatch Front. Not that I didn't love to visit and not that I didn't love many people known as Utes or Zoobies, but I was perfectly happy in my own little zion (and they say Utah is zion?! Please~!) However I am enjoying many Utah advantages. I am minutes away from Gateway Plaza (I love, love, love the Apple Mac store) and Trolley Square. I can grab a Cafe Rio pork salad every day if I wanted, but what's the point... it's not home!

Many of you have asked for our address in Utah (pathetic that I have an address here). Emma does love letters and getting mail here at the hospital. It really boosts her day and we hang things all over her room. So anytime you want to drop her a line, feel free:

Primary Children's Medical Center

c/o ICS Emma Gibbons

100 N Mario Capecchi Dr

Salt Lake City UT 84113

I am happy to report that for this weekend this will (most likely) not be our address.

After transfusions and medications and lots and lots of prayers, her counts finally came up. The ANC (absolute neutrofil count, don't know if I'm spelling it right) has to be between 1.5 and 8.0. Since January 26 it has basically been non- existent, AKA zero! Well a miracle has happened and today it is up to 2.2. Also, she hasn't had any Tylenol in two days and has kept her fever at bay. I talked to the doctors and they expect her to go home early Friday. This would really bouy her up as she has to be back on Monday 2/9 and a few days home would do her soul good.
Thanks for all of your prayers. Keep them coming. I'm trying not to jinx things, but I really hope to be home this weekend.
Thanks for everything.