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Synopsis of Us

Lisa is au natural. She likes to have babies at home and drink slimy green liquids with large amounts of earth in them. She loves the quacks and we love her. If you are ailing, just call Lisa. She will doctor you up!

Melanie is a little bundle of energy. She's very peppy and always bouncing around. Do not drive with her. She tends to talk and visit and not watch the road. Cuts a mean hair-do!

Sarah is crazy! She loves Diet Pepsi (too much). The group photographer with many free photo shoots for her friends. Many questionable eating habits that we all ignore, hopefully they don't kill her.

Emily is an overachiever. She never sleeps and wakes up way too early so she can pratice music with her kids. She loves the earthy green drink too. Be careful, she will try to poison you with sugar-free goodies.

Jen is a dental hygienist. If you want to know which kind of gum to chew (to xylitol or not to xylitol, this is the question) she'll know.

Lana is full of crap! Literally, her house is full of crap! Yes, just stuff. If you ever need any random thing, pretty sure it's in her house... somewhere. Very competitive, don't coach children's athletics with her.

Adria is straightforward. She pretty much says it like it is. She is our community sex-ed advisor. Any questions, just ask her, she knows it all.

Marianne (one of the tall, leggy blonds) is amazing! She graduated from college while taking care of her four children and working to save the entire Chinese orphan population.

Marilyn is a perfectionist. She has to have everything at a ninety degree angle, if not, she's nervous. Hopefully this doesn't kill her. Likes to scrapbook, spends a large sum of money on this activity.

Stephanie (another tall, leggy blond) really likes to work out. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Nursing is her profession (not wet nursing).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a thank you......from this Mare (the one with the rack as Mare P. says:)

Hey girls,

This is just a thank you note. I have had one of the worst days of my life so far ...... and you know what? I survived........let me tell you why. I was greeted by my neighbor this evening(Adria) with a flower..............okay so it was a dead radish that had gone to seed, but that is beside the point. The conversation, the ear and shoulder were nice and of course a smooch from Sal made my night.!!!!

I then started to consider all my blessings big and small. Right away all of you came to mind. All of you mean something special to me...........Mel for example.........I walked in the salon today for a pedicure and she had that zaney smile on her face. Has that girl ever frowned? I doubt it! Lana and I had a moment this morning on the phone and we agreed ANY woman to survive her year of cancer mahem AND do a freaking triathalon on top of that needs to be on Oprah and write a book.....!!! My point is, I am blessed beyond measure by my circle of friends. You have all taught me compassion, selflessness,courage and and peseverance. Crappy days will come and go but you all are here to stay! I know any one of you would drop anything to help me or any of us for that matter and for that I am soooo grateful. Life sucks sometimes.........but nothing would suck more than not having you all in my life. I love you so much and hope someday to repay all your kindness.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yard Sale for a China Doll

Marianne is in the black tank, and I am browsing in the denim jumper.
Lisa's fancy grease car is in the background.
I would so buy the blue lamp on the front table.

Calling all extraordinary housewives or ordinary housewives or just housewives or even houseboys... Marianne is having a garage sale to raise money to bring her new addition home to Burley. We are having the sale on Saturday, July 18 at 1121 E 17th St in Burley (Lana's old residence).

So we really need you to dejunk (hurry, you only have one day) and bring all of your "treasures" to the house. We will price them and put them out on Friday evening or you are more than welcome to drop them off on Saturday. Also, if you would like to patron the sale, we do have some really nice stuff. ALL of the money goes to save the Chinese. Well, not exactly but it does go to the orphanage where Marianne is getting her baby. Every little bit helps as a small amount of money goes a long way over in China.

We would also love some baked goods as most garage sale buyers are hungry and need some fuel and nourishment. So if you don't have any special junk to donate, make some junk food and bring it over. We usually make a killing on the treats.

We will be having a PARTY so don't miss out!

Leave a comment if you are willing to help. Again, every little bit helps.
Call me with any questions.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Ava Elena Farfan