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Lisa is au natural. She likes to have babies at home and drink slimy green liquids with large amounts of earth in them. She loves the quacks and we love her. If you are ailing, just call Lisa. She will doctor you up!

Melanie is a little bundle of energy. She's very peppy and always bouncing around. Do not drive with her. She tends to talk and visit and not watch the road. Cuts a mean hair-do!

Sarah is crazy! She loves Diet Pepsi (too much). The group photographer with many free photo shoots for her friends. Many questionable eating habits that we all ignore, hopefully they don't kill her.

Emily is an overachiever. She never sleeps and wakes up way too early so she can pratice music with her kids. She loves the earthy green drink too. Be careful, she will try to poison you with sugar-free goodies.

Jen is a dental hygienist. If you want to know which kind of gum to chew (to xylitol or not to xylitol, this is the question) she'll know.

Lana is full of crap! Literally, her house is full of crap! Yes, just stuff. If you ever need any random thing, pretty sure it's in her house... somewhere. Very competitive, don't coach children's athletics with her.

Adria is straightforward. She pretty much says it like it is. She is our community sex-ed advisor. Any questions, just ask her, she knows it all.

Marianne (one of the tall, leggy blonds) is amazing! She graduated from college while taking care of her four children and working to save the entire Chinese orphan population.

Marilyn is a perfectionist. She has to have everything at a ninety degree angle, if not, she's nervous. Hopefully this doesn't kill her. Likes to scrapbook, spends a large sum of money on this activity.

Stephanie (another tall, leggy blond) really likes to work out. Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Nursing is her profession (not wet nursing).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lola throws a party.........

These are literally the children this party is being thrown for! The kiddos left behind! Lola is the cutie in the red jacket. When I asked what her favorite toy was, they said there were so little toys they wouldn't have any idea! This CAN CHANGE!!! Help Lola leave behind all we can! Join in on the party! Read below how it all worksa and have fun playing momma for a day to these kids by sending them comforts of any home!

Little Lola Mallory has an idea! She will soon be with her family, so in essence, for her Birthday ( which was Thanksgiving Day) she gets a family, a warm home , a mom and dad who are CRAZY about her and all the food she can eat. She will soon no longer sleep alone in an unheated building. She will have clean clothes and plent of snuggly sox. She will have her choice of coats hanging in the back hall to throw on as she goes out to play and hot chocolate waiting for her as she comes in shivering. Her friends however who are left behind ( the 97% of Chinese orphans who will never be adopted) are not as fortunate. Somehow we just know that she can't just leave her Chinese family (the kids in the orphanage where she has been for the last 4 years) without helping them with a "birthday party" from her to them! The gifts will be a varity of things they need and would love to have......more blankets, hats and gloves, formula, toys, books, sox, warm jammies, possibly a heater of some sort... and food. Lola's family is donating 100% of the proceeds of this party to her orphanage for much needed supplies. Lola's family will be physically taking this money to China and will purchase all the supplies they can and take it all to the orphanage. US dollars go a long way over there ...and with no shipping , alot can be accomplished! So here's the menu! Have fun helping Lola throw them a party the likes of which they have never seen. The look on the childrens' faces really do reaveal just how excited they are to feel SOMEONE cares for them and their little lives, comfort, hopes and dreams.....What perfect gift to yourself! The family will post photos of it all being delivered to the orphanage......Can't wait!! Give yourself the opportunity to play Mom to a wonderful child for just a moment! It will make a huge difference in their day I can promise you!

A coat...................................................10.00

A can /pouch of formula .................5.00 ea.

Hats and glove set for ten kids..........10.00

Box of blankets...................................15.00

Safe toys that are age appropriate...15.00

Diapers and wipes...............................20.00

A heat source.......................................50.00

A box of Non parishable food items that will last a good while.................25.00

A set of books for older kids................30.00

Just choose a gift and pay the given amount here at the chip in. Be sure to leave a comment on this blog and share what you have given . We all want to know!! Let's throw an "Extraordinary" party!!!


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